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I began journaling immediately before realizing: I do not have an introduction post!

Really, though... you can look at my profile and get some of what you need to decide if I'm worth following, but if you desire more:

I'm in my 40s, have 3 sons, a husband of nearly 20 years, a penchant for eating, reading, and gardening, am a feminist, agnostic, and homeschool 2 of our 3 boys. I like road trips, planning vacations, Williamsburg (VA), Disney World, the Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, and Florida State Parks. I live in the mid-Atlantic and have a love/hate relationship with snow. I feed everyone and provide shelter to those who need it (a bit like running a animal shelter, much to my husband's dismay, haha). I'm moody, sometimes pessimistic, and a bit of a hoarder.

I'm also an LJ refugee, having been there for 12 years before switching to DW. FB used to be the place where I'd hang out, but it became too addicting, too obsessive, too dramatic, too... well, it was too much of everything awful and not enough of anything meaningful, and it was weighing on me; was I not good enough for these so-called friends? But who the hell cares, now? I deactivated the FB last month, to focus more on journaling (and posting photos on Instagram, because I love to snap photos and look at pics of places I'll probably never see in real life); one can only say so much on FB before the Family Court of High Drama bangs its gavel down on you.

Here, I can talk about my loves (food, gardening, books, cats) hates (small-minded people, having patience) and fears (the direction of this country, snakes, and the Emperor Orange). If you don't mind randomness, complaints, occasional squeeing, worries, ideas, sometimes fan fics (I write 'em), my dreams (literally; I write about my nightly dreams), and recipes... then feel free to subscribe. Let me know who you are and how you found me, and I'll return the favor.

If you choose to subscribe---WELCOME! If not: Hello and thanks for looking.


Date: 2017-02-08 04:41 pm (UTC)
nekhbet_love: Mary Vickers, Pink Rose, Lithograph (Default)
From: [personal profile] nekhbet_love
Hello! Just read your entry post after seeing that we have common interests! Well, I have been on lj since 2004. I used to write there a lot and left and came back, left again... so many times I did this. I have the same feelings about Facebook, I just left a birthday wish for a friend but I find it so overwhelming and empty in most cases, no matter how much I spend reading and sharing it is not what I always felt on LJ. Now I want to give a try here and probably cross post to my live journal. I am eager to be reading your posts. Have a great day.

Re: Greetings

Date: 2017-02-09 04:08 am (UTC)
nekhbet_love: Mary Vickers, Pink Rose, Lithograph (Default)
From: [personal profile] nekhbet_love
Hi back! Thanks for replying. Glad to know you found your space, I hope I will also stay here and enjoy it, LJ is almost inactive, many friends are gone to probably FB or do not write anymore there.

About photos, since I imported my entries from Livejournal, they are automatically linked and embedded. If not, what I do is I upload them to my flickr account and link from there. But I think they must all be public to do so. Photobucket is, in my opinion, one of the best options, because even if the photos are private, they can still be embedded and visible on blog posts and websites. So I would try this one. I´ll be reading your posts and trying to start my new journal life here:) xx


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