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Birthdate:Jul 2
Location:Delaware, United States of America

I'm 42 years old.
I'm married to Chris and we celebrate two anniversaries each year: 11/29 and 12/16.
I'm mom to three boys, each with their own amusing (and aggravating!) personalities.
Books: I love them, read them, collect them.
Shopping keeps me calm and happy ... so does a righteous beat.
I Tweet: @gina_wbg and I'm on Instagram: ginawdw
I have fun being me (most days) and fully accept my sugar-spun corniness.
If you're down with that, feel free to add me.


Interests (150):

80s music, ab fab, almighty johnsons, apple cider, autumn, bagpipes, bbc america, beef jerky, benedict cumberbatch, bike riding, blue, books, british monarchy, candles, castles, cats, cheese, chicken, chinese food, colored glass, combos, confetti, cookbooks, cooking, coronado springs, cozy mysteries, crayons, dark chocolate, daydreaming, disney movies, disney pins, disney world, doctor who, dollar stores, dome homes, drawing, edward tudor, elizabeth i, elizabeth tudor, elizabethan times, england, english royalty, enya, faeries, fantasy, fireplaces, florida, flying, food network, foot rubs, forests, gardening, gardens, ghosts, goldfish ponds, great britain, green, halloween, harry potter, hawaii, henry viii, horses, hyacinths, ice cream, italian food, italy, johnny depp, jon heder, journaling, kitchen kettle village, kites, labyrinth, lion king, london, longwood gardens, lord of the rings, lost, lucifer, mexico, mickey mouse, movies, murdock mysteries, my little pony, napoleon dynamite, nature, neck rubs, november, october, orange, palm trees, pennsylvania, photography, pinwheels, pizza, planetariums, pocono mountains, pokemongo, post its, postcards, princesses, public libraries, pumpkins, pyramids, quiet places, rachael ray, rainbows, reading, recipes, red dwarf, ribbons, roller coasters, romance, sahm, salads, scented body wash, sci-fi, scotland, seashells, september, sex, sherlock, shopping, skeeball, sleeping, star trek, star wars, strawberries, sunshine, swimming, swings, tart warmers, tea, thames river, thanksgiving, theme parks, therin, thrift stores, tomatoes, torchwood, tower of london, travel, traveling, tudor england, tudor era, union jack, walking, warm socks, waterfalls, writing, yard sales
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